Ryan & Laurie, 11th May 2018, Canal Court Hotel & Spa Newry

Having just shot our warmest wedding this week we were really hoping for more of the same weather, but unfortunately for us it was near the complete opposite! That being said, we couldn’t have spent a day in the rain and wind with better folk, the craic we had all day and especially at the Fairy Glen in Rostrevor was absolutely brilliant! No one let the rain bother them and everyone was up for having a laugh! The day was started by heading to photograph the girls get ready for the day, the craic in the house was great, I’m sorry Danielle but I had to use one of the photographs! Jesse was definitely stealing the show in the house until leaving. She even decided to try and knock over Laurie’s champagne and try to steal a wee sip of it! A short visit was then made to see the lads before going to Kilkeel Presbyterian Church where the ceremony was held. Thankfully we all got in and out of the church relatively dry but when we hit the road just as we set off to take photographs that’s when the rain seemed to come on the worst. As I said at the start no one let this bother them at all and we cracked on and got a few quick photos before going to the Canal Court Hotel. Thank you so much to Ryan & Laurie for having us take your photographs, it really was a great laugh all day and we hope you guys had a blast! Enjoy your honeymoon!