Danny & Laura, 23rd September 2017, Darver Castle Dundalk

Our second wedding of the weekend was at the fantastic Darver Castle in Dundalk, one of my favourite venues to get to, I can’t fault it at all! Two of my best friends tied the knot and I couldn’t have been happier to be a part of it. I’ve known Laura for as long as I can remember & met Danny shortly after they started going out. I still can’t remember if Laura actually asked me to take the photos as there was no booking form or contract in sight, she just assumed I would be there with a camera! There was a hint at one point for me to be bridesmaid/man, but I would have definitely outshone all the girls if I was in one of the dresses and I’m sure this is why I wasn’t in the end! So I stuck to staying behind the camera. The day was started by heading to Laura’s parents house to photograph the girls get ready for the day and it was just as I expected it to be, brilliant craic. Lisa of Capella Hairdressing did the hair and Tanya Dhillon did the makeup. Fantastic job as usual by those two. I am 99% sure Saturday was the first time that I have ever told Laura she looked great and I will most likely never tell her again as her reaction was, “Leigh we don’t say stuff like that to each other, this is awkward!” and walked away from me. When everyone was ready we then headed for Darver Castle where the ceremony and reception was held. What a brilliant service it was, the registrar making sure everyone was involved and laughing throughout. Music during the service was by Barry Hughes & Ella Englishby, they were first class and I have heard nothing but great reviews from any of the guests. After the ceremony everyone enjoyed a few drinks and some tasty ice cream from Graham’s Ice Cream. As usual with Darver Castle the food was brilliant and after a massive feed the party was in full swing thanks to The Nooks. Thanks so much to Danny & Laura for having me take your photographs, you are an amazing couple and a true pleasure to work with. I hope you have a brilliant mini-moon and look forward to getting the craic when you get back over to England! Here are a few photos of what we got up to.