Andrew & Victoria, 3rd July 2018, Darver Castle Dundalk

Yesterday was our first time at Darver Castle since November and what a difference a few months can make, the changes they have made are absolutely brilliant, I didn’t think it needed changed at all but having seen the changes Mary & the team have made it is fantastic! The day was started by going to Victoria’s parents’ house to photograph the girls get ready, what an extremely calm house! Makeup was by Erin Devlin, hair was by Escapades Moira and the flowers were by House of Elliot Flowers. When everyone was ready the journey was then made to Banbridge Baptist Church where the ceremony was held. After the ceremony we then headed straight to Darver Castle for all photographs and the rest of the evenings plans. I am sure everyone was delighted to see the Ice Cream Van pull up, great wee treat on such a sunny summers day. Thank you very much to Andrew and Victoria for having us take your photographs, we hope you enjoyed every minute of it and enjoyed the rest of your party. Here is a wee preview below of what we got up to.